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What’s up with 23andMe?

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23 pairs chromosomesBiotech start-ups utilizing genetic information are nothing new. Could 23andMe be unique? Yesterday, I received a nice email from their recruiting manager, Oliver Ryan. As luck would have it, I'm vacationing in the San Francisco Bay Area and hope to swing a meeting with some 23andMe folks next week, including Anne Wojcicki and Linda Avey. If there's anything you'd like to me to ask, email me or leave a comment here.

From the little information that's available on their website, 23andMe sounds like one-stop shopping for personal genomic information.

23andMe is an early stage startup developing tools and producing content to help people make sense of their genetic information. Our goal is to take advantage of new genotyping technologies and help consumers explore their genetics, informed by cutting edge science.

Your annotated DNA on a USB portable hard drive could happen much sooner than any of us expect. What are your plans for all that genetic information? I might set mine to music. 😉

The Genetic Genealogist has more about 23andMe.

Update: We've decided to keep the meeting off the record. I'm so sorry! When they're ready to blast their publicity horn, though, you can bet I'll be there to record it.