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What’s On Your iPod at the Gym? Playlist Peeks

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Katie Holmes, LL Cool J, Renee Zellweger, and Hugh Jackman all queue up their playlists when they work out and do errands. (Photos: WENN.com)

We regularly steal peeks of other peoples' playlists at the gym, partly out of curiosity (what kind of music enables these people to run so fast?) and partly because we're bored with the contents of our own iPods. We want to stop feeling like peeping toms and know what other people use to get themselves motivated for their workouts, and we bet you do, too. We'll start by peeking at the playlist of Blisstree's Deputy Editor, Briana. She claims she enjoys the occasional run sans music, but for the most part, she'd kill herself without the help of a playlist and her favorite pair of headphones. Here's the low-down on the playlist that gets her moving:

Where it lives: My iPhone. I used to use an iPod, but I started getting really into iPhone apps that track my workouts, so now I keep my running playlist there, instead.

How I listen to it: Sennheiser CX380 headphones. They're tiny and they have really soft earbuds so they stay in my ears and don't hurt.

What's on it: My best friend made me a few awesome running playlists for my birthday last month; here's the one I'm listening to most these days:

  1. I Believe In You — Kylie Minogue
  2. Pull Up the People MIA
  3. One Touch — LCD Soundsystem
  4. Jack Your Body — Black Strobe
  5. Cooler Than Me — Mike Posner
  6. Way Too Much — Chromeo
  7. No Fit State — Hot Chip
  8. What Are You Waiting For? — Gwen Stefani
  9. Galvanize — Chemical Brothers
  10. Music Is My Hot Hot Sex — CSS

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