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What Your Favorite Drink Says About You, According To Stock Photos

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Across the board, stock photos are largely weird and quite often sexist. But every so often in searching for a particular type of image, we come across representations of women so weird, so sexist and just so silly that they make us either howl out loud with laughter and/or cry out in disgust (often both at once). There are your pregnant women smoking. Your chubby women eating cheeseburgers. Your hourglasses-over-the-uterus fertility photos. There's the infamous women laughing alone with salads. May we now present you with women drinking various alcoholic beverages.

"Woman at Bar"

This is borne from a search yesterday that started “women at bar.” It seems, in stock photo land, the majority of bars women hang out at are exercise-related. If they do happen to be at what we shall call, for differentiation purposes, a tavern, they are either standing in a group gossiping (see above) or getting picked up by a dude in a suit. So! This of course spawned more searches — women drinking, women doing shots, women with beer. The resulting images fell largely into the ‘howl out loud with laughter' response category, so we thought we'd share (we're thinking you probably need a break from election coverage, too). Click through to find out what media types think your favorite drink says about you.