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What To Do With Leftover Tea

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It happens. No matter how hard you try, once in awhile you look over and there on the counter is ….leftover tea.

What to do? If you are frugal you don’t want to pour it down the drain…Try one of these suggestions.

  1. Water acid loving plants with it.
  2. Use it to tenderize meat..just marinate the meat in the tea.
  3. Add to soup broth…Try green tea with chicken soup, black tea with beef, and so on.
  4. Make tea marbled eggs. Hard boil eggs, crack the shells well but do not peel. Simmer in your favorite tea in a crockpot for several hours. Allow to cool in the tea over night (refrigerate) Gorgeous.
  5. Add to bath to sooth skin, especially sunburned skin
  6. If you use tea bags, chill them and use to reduce puffy eyes.
  7. Compost used tea leaves.
  8. Antique fabrics with it. To age fabrics with tea (or coffee) just add 1 tsp salt to 3 cups strong tea or coffee. Submerge damp fabric in the mixture and allow to set until the desired color is reached. Rinse thoroughly. Voila! tea-dyed fabric.
  9. Dry used teabags thoroughly, add some essential oil or scent, and use them to scent a drawer or closet..OR TEENAGE BOYS SHOES!
  10. Use tea leaves to keep your fridge smelling fresh instead of baking soda
  11. Make ice cubes for the next time you have iced tea
  12. If you are a brunette rinse your hair after washing with black tea. Don’t rinse it out. It makes it soft and shiny.
  13. Use the tea with some orange juice and sugar to make popsicles, a step beyond iced tea. 😉
  14. Use it to steam your face for a facial.
  15. Clean glass and windows
  16. Use to rehydrate dried fruits before baking. Be sure to choose complementing flavors.
  17. Wash your wood floors with it
  18. Add club soda, and juice or 2 oz. fruit flavor Monin syrup to left over tea.
  19. Soak warts in it until they are gone.
  20. Use to remove furniture polish.
  21. Seed your lawn with a tea bag patch. Sow grass seed in small bare spots with a used tea bag. Make sure the bag is moist, and place it on the dirt where you want the grass. Sprinkle it with seed. The bag will hold moisture and gradually decompose.
  22. Dry used tea leaves and use to smoke meat
  23. Use tea to get fish smell from your hands or out of your microwave.  Rinse hands with it or boil some in a cup in the microwave.
  24. Rub your cast-iron pans with used tea leaves. The antioxidants in tea react with iron and form a protective film that prevents the formation of rust.
  25. Use as the liquid for homemade baby wipes.  Tea is very antibacterial and soothing.