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What Obamacare Means For Women: Free Birth Control, Maternity Care and More

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what obamacare means for women

If you're wondering what Obamacare means for you, you're not alone; since the Supreme Court announced its support of the Affordable Care Act this morning, reactions have been firing from all  corners of the internet, but many are still wondering what this means for their own health insurance costs and coverage.

According to Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, women should be rejoicing. Earlier today, she issued a statement explaining:

At Planned Parenthood, we know how important this law and this decision are for women and families, because we see the need for affordable health care every day. Women who come into Planned Parenthood health centers often struggle to balance paying for birth control and health services with paying for textbooks, groceries, or gas for the car. The Affordable Care Act will make those decisions easier for women across the country.

To get the specifics of how the Affordable Care Act will impact women's health, specifically—from mammograms and pregnancy to gender discrimination in insurance pricing—we spoke to Emily Stewart, PPFA's National Director of Public Policy. Here's the low-down on what Obamacare means for you as a woman:

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