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What It Really Means When A Man Raises His Eyebrows

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What It Really Means When A Man Raises His Eyebrows blisstree crazy stupid love poster 640x226 jpgDating is awkward enough. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been in a relationship, there is inevitably the what-does-he-really-think-of-me stage? You can whittle away your insecurities by combing through his Facebook page and text messages while he’s in the shower looking for clues on what he may have told his best guy about you. You could drop not-so-subtle hints about the future and see how he reacts. Or, you could just become really astute at reading his body language.

According to Cosmopolitan, decoding your man is easier than you think. For instance, did you know that whatever he aims his upper body at is the most important thing in the room? If it’s you, that’s great. If it’s the TV or another woman, not so much.  Long gazes and head tilts could mean he’s trying to seduce you, while a half-smile points to insincerity. Touching his belt, front pocket or even his manly parts with a quick scratch is his subconscious way of drawing your attention down there. And when he also points his pelvis towards you and stands with his legs apart, this is a signal that he’s wants to have his way with you. Likewise, a quick raise of the eyebrows that cause a wrinkling in the forehead also means he’s into you–or whoever he’s looking at.

If it seems like most of their body language is related to sex, we thought the same thing. All of this should make for an interesting next date, right? Although, wouldn’t it just be easier if we could just say what we really felt instead of making the dating process so complicated? You know, instead of pointing his pelvis towards you, what if he just said, “I’m so hot for you right now.” To which, you could follow with, “Wanna meet my parents this weekend?” and then have fun watching which direction his hips go–towards you or the door.

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