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What Happened With David Arquette: The Science Behind ‘Cheating Down’

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“Daily Mail” columnist Liz Jones is at it again — this time she’s tsk-tsking celeb cads like David Arquette, Jude Law and Tiger Woods for stepping out on their beautiful, powerful partners with — gasp! — waitresses. Jones calls the phenomenon “cheating down.”

Let’s ignore Jones’s not-at-all subtle classism for a minute — servers are human beings with legitimate careers and not, you know, Victorian prostitutes — and explore her point about the appeal of sleeping with someone, er, “below your station.”

She surmises that dudes like Arquette step out on their Courteney Coxes to sleep with women like Jasmine Waltz (the server he claims to have gotten on) because they love it when a woman acts grateful to bang them.

We wanted to know if there was a more cultural reason for “cheating down,” so we asked Helen E. Fisher, PhD, a biological anthropologist at Rutgers University. Dr. Fisher’s research examines the role the brain plays in love and relationships, and she’s the chief scientific adviser for dating site Chemistry.com.

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