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What Drinking Wine Can Do To Your Face

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If you enjoy a nightly glass of wine–or two–a forensic artist specializing in age progression was kind enough to reveal exactly what this does to our face.

Based on two or more standard glasses of wine a night, Anna Magee (the woman in the photo) wrote on the DailyMail that she was “horrified by this bloated, flushed, red-eyed and tooth-stained monster, an illustration of what drinking could do to my face in only ten years from now”.

She, like many of us, says that she has woken up with one or two of these side-effects after a night of drinking, but they always subsided within a day or two. “Imagining I could stay like that was frightening.” She goes on to say, “The only way to ensure this image doesn’t become a reality would be to cut out alcohol altogether.”

Yikes. Are we really willing to give up our nightly glass(es) of wine in order to save face, literally? And just how permanent are the changes to our skin?

Dermatologist Dr. Nicholas Lowe of London’s Cranley Clinic explained:

Drinking causes enlargement of the blood vessels. This leads to flushing and, if you’re prone to rosacea, could exacerbate it. If you’re prone to flushed-looking skin, alcohol will only make it worse as excess drinking means your blood vessels lose tone, leaving you with permanent thread veins.

He goes on to explain that drinking also dehydrates the skin, which can lead to sallowness, deepening of wrinkles and dryness, and it can lead to wrinkles on the neck and crow's feet because alcohol can make us deficient in vitamin A, which is essential to collagen and the elasticity in our skin.

What's interesting here is that no one mentions the fact that this woman has aged 10 years in these photos. So how much of the changes to her face are due to natural aging versus drinking wine? We all know that other unhealthy habits like smoking, not exercising, a bad diet and being overweight can damage our skin and affect how old we look.

The author then goes on to show photos of what her skin will look like if she continues on a high-sugar diet, which is the most horrid of them all. The reddness in the wine photos may not be enough to give up a nightly glass, but the bloated look in the sugar photos definitely makes me rethink dessert! What do you think?


Photo: dailymail.com