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Clean Eating, Plant-Strong™, And Other Diets (And Diet Terms), Decoded

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With obesity and its related health concerns taking a toll on the country’s health, wallet, and future, it’s no surprise than in the last two years, instead of clinging to fad diets that are clearly not sustainable (hello, grapefruit!), we’ve instead started seeing weight loss and nutritional plans that are more about the way we eat, the way we think about food. They’re not so much diets–they’re lifestyles, guidelines, or reminders about what to eat. But they have confusing names, like “DASH” and “clean eating.” What do they mean, and how are we supposed to use them?

In the last few years, some of the most popular diets have ranged from basically not a diet at all, to sort of restricted but also kind of common sense. They’re focused more on what different foods offer, how the body reacts to them (and why they should maybe be avoided), and how they can be prepared–instead of, say, just focusing on getting skinny by cutting out carbs altogether.

But they’re all slightly different in which foods and nutrients they emphasis, and what is and isn’t recommended. Which can make it difficult to choose just one to follow. Most people–often without even knowing it–instead, choose a little from Column A and a little from Column B. A little plant-based, a little Mediterranean.

In the end, it’s really just about picking the best foods for your body, your budget, and your lifestyle. But if having a guiding light in the form of a phrase or a style of eating is what works, then by all means, pick your pleasure.

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