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Real Runners Talk: The Best Fuel For Running A Marathon

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Whether you’re deeply entrenched in marathon season, or just like to log some really long outings on the weekend, when you’re on the trails or track for multiple hours, it’s a good idea to pack a snack. But what’s the best, most efficient grub you can grab? We asked some real elite runners and trainers what their favorite running fuel is.

The key, according to most of the runners who shared their advice, is to find food that’s nutrient-dense, gives lots of energy, and is easy to digest while on-the-go. Some suggested various power gels (we’ve picked the ones that look the most nutritious), while others came up with whole foods and DIY snacks.

Do you have a favorite running snack for long distances? Share it in the comments–we’d love to add to the list.

Image by Flickr user KaiChanVong