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What Spring Will Be Like For Allergy Sufferers This Year, In Gifs

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Hey allergy faced nerds, have you noticed that things are already getting pretty hairy in the symptom department? You are not imagining things. Allergy season is coming and it's coming hard.

Apparently because of the Polar Vortex and all the evil doings and sins that have gone on this year, we have been cursed with a bad spring for allergies. Like, a really really really bad plague of congestion, itchy eyes and general feelings of ickiness.

As Kelly Faircloth of Jezebel puts it,

“[T]here's moisture everywhere, so God help you if you're allergic to mold. Plus the cold weather has delayed the trees' flowering, which means once they do bloom, they'll be making up for lost time.

In fact, we might see everything blooming at once, in one eye-watering, snot-shooting blaze of glory.”

In other words: we are doomed.

Here's a gif guide to what it will be like for you if you suffer allergies:

First there's that wistful and delusional hope that maybe you just don't have allergies anymore and this year won't be a problem-

It all starts with one big sneeze.

And then you get the sniffles and every other symptom all at once.

Maybe it's just the flu…

It's not just the flu.

This is the worst and It's going to last forever.

Nature sucks.

The willingness to do anything to make your eyes stop burning.


Hating your nose more than ever. 

This is who you are now. You must accept it. 

Not without a fight! You'll buy all the allergy medication. The Claritin, the Benadryl, the kind you shoot right up into your nasal cavities. Pass out. 

Having to carry on with your life despite feeling like hell. 


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