Well Being


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Well, my scrapbooking world that is…

Scrapbooking for me has gone beyond an ordinary hobby. It has re-awakened my creative self — an aspect of my being that has lain dormant for almost a decade now.

And thanks to the persistent urging of my wonderful shoppaholic and scrapbook-obsessive friends, my creative self has come alive again through this wonderful medium.

The art of scrapbooking has evolved into….

my passion —
my temporary escape from public sector slavery, err….work —
Food for my soul as a good friend calls it.

I’m a 30-something old woman juggling many roles in my life– wife, mother, part-time stepmother, daughter, sister, friend, colleague, part-time graduate student, part-time entrepreneur and full-time career woman.

My name is Christine and this is my creative release.

Come and join me as I explore the wonderful world of scrapbooking.

“Life is a scrapbook, torn and old
In which our little lives are told
And when the twilight shadows fall
This is the sweetest thing of all;
To turn the pages of the years,
Remembering with happy tears
The faithful love, the perfect friend…
These things are treasured to the end.”