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7 People Who Are Brave Enough To Share Their Weird Genital Stories On Reddit

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7 People Who Are Brave Enough To Share Their Weird Genital Stories On Reddit reddit genitals 640x640 jpgDid you know there’s a man with two penises? I do, thanks to Reddit. How about the woman with two vaginas? Nope? Well, again, I can thank Reddit for this knowledge.

Sure it might be the weirdest site on the whole world wide web. And sure it’s like an internet ant farm containing threads of some of the oddest conversations and subtypes of people possible. But it’s also like school. At least for those of who always wanted to major in oddities. The endless wormholes, subreddits, AMAs, links, memes, trends and pictures might make Reddit an entity that is nearly impossible to define – but it also makes it an incredible learning tool too. An interactive textbook if you will.  One can learn all sorts of strange and fascinating stuff; for example, you can read about grown men that love my little pony, women who dress up like princesses for children’s birthday events and all about people whose bathing suit areas are different from your own.

Due to society’s obsession with normativity and sameness, people with atypical bodies are usually are forced to cloak their oddities in the shadows, only to have them illuminated under microscopes for text books or bright lights at old time Freak Shows. Reddit, with all its faults, allows people with medical differences to showcase and field questions about their conditions. Among the genuinely curious and well meaning, there are jerkwads who respond to posters and treat them like sideshow attractions, but at least the original posters can control the way they are seen and stare right back at the mutants of Reddit users fascinated by what has been exposed.

Here are 7 people who posted on Reddit about their unconventional genitalia and genital areas.

  1. Meet the woman with a vaginal septum whose heart shaped uterus will warm your heart. The OP explains the vaginal septum as having “a wall in [her] vagina that separates it into two smaller vaginas meeting up at the one cervix and heart-shaped uterus.” Her thread is full of anecdotes and information that will satisfy your curiosity.
  2. The newest redditer with genitals that deviate from the norm is the guy with three testicles who just turned 18 and wanted to show them off. The picture shows that his scrotum really doesn’t appear so different than those filled with a pair of testes.He goes by GardenofGandalf on Reddit, but if I were him I’d call myself “TripleThreat” or “HatTrick.”
  3. There’s a dude with no butt-crack. Yes, there is a picture. For some reason this seems more anomalous and peculiar than the “mutations” regarding genitalia. The thread is also more lighthearted, perhaps because butts are a less sensitive issue.
  4. Here’s an intersexed person with ambiguous genitalia. The politics of people who are born with ambiguous genitalia is a fraught subject. This person’s first hand take on what it’s like to handle being themselves in a world that tries to force one sex or another at birth is an important read.
  5. The woman with complete uterine didelphys. She has two uteri, two cervixes, and two vaginas. Apparently she can get pregnant in both!
  6. Learn about the lady with an imperforate hymen. An imperforate hymen means no vaginal opening. Reading her thread, you can learn about her menstrual periods, what it was like to grow up and how she deals.
  7. Who could forget the famed guy with two penises? This dude with the double dick made waves on the internet after he posted pictures and answered questions. He seems pretty cool and handled his AMA with the grace and confidence you would expect from a guy with twice the “manhood.”

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