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17 Benefits of Weight Training for Women

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Weight training can be an intimidating form of exercise if you do not have much experience, never mind the meatheads flexing in front of the mirrors and the leftover sweat on the machines. All joking aside, women are proving that they can do anything guys can, and are starting to be seen more often in the weight room squatting, pressing and deadlifting on a regular basis these days. (I am woman hear me roar!)

By adding weight and strength training into your regular workout routines of yoga, running and kickboxing, you will receive so many added benefits not only to your health but your overall athletic performance as well. Next time you find yourself second guessing your interests in weight training, check out these 17 benefits of weight training to peak your interest and boost your confidence.

1. Lose Body Fat

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Losing fat is a total plus when lifting weights and studies have shown that you burn more fat over time from weight training due to gaining lean muscle mass. According to EveryDay Health, by losing approximately 5% of your body fat you can gain all kinds of added perks like lowering your cholesterol levels, improved sleep and overall better quality of life. We'll take it!