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Some Guy In Japan Lost 9 Lbs By Masturbating. Really.

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Some Guy In Japan Lost 9 Lbs By Masturbating  Really  masturbation diet 640x428 jpg

Yes, the masturbation diet. Kotaku reports that a 28-year-old Japanese man was able to lose 9 lbs in two months by watching his diet and masturbating multiple times per day.

The man, who goes by the alias “Yuichi Ito” in an article from men’s publication Nikkan Spa, is 5 foot 5 inches and weighed 167 lbs, which apparently is overweight by Japanese standards. Supposedly, he jerked off anywhere from three to five times per day, with an all-time record of seven times in a day. His justification for this method of weight loss?

“I read online that pleasuring oneself was the same as running 200 meters. Without a girlfriend, the only way I could become thin was through masturbation!”

Well, ok! You or I might turn to weights or running to lose weight, this dude decided to turn to some serious self-love. I can’t really knock that, no matter how funny and just plain strange it seems. Here’s what a doctor, Satoshi Yoshijima, had to say about Ito’s, um, non-traditonal method:

“The issue with the effectiveness of this diet is that while you are exhausting your body, you are not consuming calories by using physical strength.”

He added that lots of masturbation can also adversely affect hormone levels. So yeah, the effectiveness of incessant whacking the mole (Ew) is debatable. Still, I say whatever (literally) floats your boat!

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