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These Positive Apps Will Help You Lose Weight Without Making You Feel Like Crap

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As someone who's never totally mastered the art of not fluctuating 15 pounds every few months of her life, I'm no stranger to fitness apps. At this point, I've tried about a thousand of them, and I've only come across a handful that don't piss me off. Losing weight is hard enough without having to deal with other people's judgmental comments and unnecessary input, and it seems like few fitness apps understand the power of positive reinforcement.

If you're looking for an app that will encourage you to meet you goals– instead of making you feel bogged down and nagged– one of these options might be the perfect fit for you!

1. My Fitness Pal.


This app gets a lot of attention online, but I wouldn't say that it's overrated. I personally use it just about every day– whether my goal at the moment is to get fit, lose weight, or just keep track of what exactly I'm shoveling into my mouth– and it always has my back. I like that it gives you a little warning when you clock in your calories to let you know if you haven't eaten enough that day. I like that the community is really quick to give each other advice and encouragement. It just puts a lot more emphasis on health than it does on looking hot– with the idea that hotness will still come along, just when you least expect it. I appreciate that!

2. Waterlogged.

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Everyone who's ever spent hours reading about how to look and feel better can tell you that water is a key ingredient. If you're trying to turn your health around but you're not ready to jump all the way into the world of fitness, this app can help you reach the first step. Tracking your water intake can be really helpful, and this app keeps things positive and upbeat the whole time.

3. Balanced.


This one is maybe a little bit too hippy dippy for me (oh my god, am I 80? I'm sorry about that sentence), but I've had friends swear by it. It's a lot more about how you FEEL than what you DO, so it's great for people who are triggered by numbers. I really like that it helps you track lots of different aspects of wellness, too– everything from working out to hanging out with a friend. I can see this really helping someone who's going through a breakup, or a college kid who's just striking out on her own. Anyone who needs more balance in her life could benefit!

4. Juice.


Losing weight is about a lot more than just calories in/calories out, and I love that this app understands how nuanced it all is. It helps you remember to prioritize your health in general, giving you credit when you get a full night's sleep and reminding you to make good choices, like turning off the TV an hour before bed. It's like having a concerned mother around all the time.

5. I Can Be Motivated.


People who can't get out of their own heads during exercise will love this adorably cheesy app. Basically, it helps you work through your personal goals with audio clips that remind you why you're trying so hard. It's like having a life coach in your pocket! In a good way!

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