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When And To Whom Does Weight Gain After Marriage Occur?

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We have all probably heard the term “relationship weight” with regard to the few added pounds couples sometimes tack one when they’ve been dating for a while, but what about weight gain after marriage? Is there even more of a weight increase that is typical in couples who have tied the knot? And is there a mood problem that accompanies (or leads to) this potential issue?

The answer is “yes,” according to a new study from researchers at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas that shows that gaining weight post-marriage occurs most in newlyweds. They tracked 169 first-time newlywed couples for four years, checking their weight and marital satisfaction biannually, asking the couples about how they feel about their marriage, taking measurements and checking their BMIs.

According to a statement made by the study’s lead researcher, psychologist Andrea L. Meltzer, the reasons behind weight gain after marriage seem more than a little complicated. Meltzer noted in a press release that it was not the more unhappy couples who gained weight, as I would certainly have assumed (after all, emotional eating is an incredibly common problem).

“On average, spouses who were more satisfied with their marriage were less likely to consider leaving their marriage, and they gained more weight over time. In contrast, couples who were less satisfied in their relationship tended to gain less weight over time.”

I have always noticed that I tend to get a little more lax about my exercising when I’m dating somebody. Plus, I absolutely love great food, so when I’m seeing somebody who is also interested in tasty eats, I enjoy going out with them to new restaurants, which then leads to a calorie increase. It’s important to be conscious of these things so you can hopefully regulate your actions a little bit more, making the likelihood of weight gain lessen considerably.

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