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Wedding Theme Idea: Peacock

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Want to have a wedding theme around peacock feathers? Lots of great ideas out there:

1. Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses don't have to be limited to satin, silk or other usual run-of-the-mill fabrics. If you want something different or if you are into peacocks then why not have a wedding dress made out of peacock feathers?

peacock wedding dress

peacock wedding dress 2

peacock wedding dress 3

This wedding dress will not win the longest wedding train or veil but it might win one of the most different indeed! Images about courtesy of Trend Hunters.

2. Wedding Bouquet


Your wedding bouquet could be made of peacock feathers too. Soulflower Floral Design makes these amazing looking bouquets. Ring them on: 415-971-8507.

3. Wedding Invitation

You may not use the actual peacock feathers on the invitation but you can have the images of the peacock feathers on them. It goes well with the whole peacock wedding theme. I found this invitation via The Art of Inviting.

4. Wedding Cake

Image: OneSourceWedding

Image: OneSourceWedding

Don't forget that you can also incorporate peacock feathers into your wedding cake just like this one above.

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