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Marriage Economics: Would You Sell Tickets To Your Wedding?

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Marriage Economics  Would You Sell Tickets to Your Wedding  76804509 jpgWeddings can be loads of fun, but they can also cost loads of money, forcing some couples to shorten their guest list and remove their +1 invitation extensions. Slate‘s Daniel Engber argues that telling guests not to bring an escort is bad practice, ruining the fun for guests and defeating the purpose of a good wedding. So what does he suggest to keep the price of the party affordable for bride and groom? Selling tickets to your wedding.

It sounds a little weird, but the concept of telling guests that they can bring a +1 if they’ll help cover the costs actually makes some sense. Engber offers that, instead of buying wedding gifts, pitching in to cover the costs of making the wedding open to dates and friends is a reasonable exchange, and if put kindly, shouldn’t be offensive to guests.

So would you sell tickets to your wedding? Have you ever been asked to help pay for a guest?