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Ways To Start Off The New Year On A Beautiful, Confident Note

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start new year confidently - Mae West

Planning to have an excellent 2013? Be sure to start New Year's Day off with some excellent, confidence-inducing habits that you can keep all year round. When it comes to New Year's resolutions, some promises are easier to keep than others. In addition to making long-term goals for the entire year, beginning 2013's first day with a whole lot of self-happiness boosters and first steps to good wellness practices can get you feeling positive about the next twelve months.

For several years, I have been the kind of person who makes tons of New Year's resolutions and falters with the majority — if not all — of them by, oh, February. It's not that I'm not dedicated or truly want the goals I am aiming for, I simply tend to move the target just a bit out of range for my actual abilities. This year, however, I'm determined to get myself ready for a confident, fun and successful time full of acceptance and happiness with my own body and experiences.

So, are you looking to have a pretty fantastic year, as well? Then let's do a couple — or all! — of these simple little first-day rituals to get ourselves psyched up and ready to take the New Year head-on. Well, after the potential hangover from 2012's last evening subsides, of course. But then! Then, we'll be spectacular altogether in our preparedness for 2013.

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