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Bottled Water Addiction: Time to Kick the Habit for Good?

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Image courtesy of Tapped

If you aren’t tapped out on environmental content post-Earth Week, you may want to check out these videos about the unending debate over tap water versus bottled water, which we previously posted about.

The documentary film Tapped claims that – thanks to one of the greatest marketing ploys of all time – we use approximately 18 million barrels of oil to transport water every year. And the H20 might not even be that safe. Great.

Watch the trailer:

Another YouTube hit, The Story of Bottled Water, claims “carrying bottled water is on its way to being as cool as smoking while pregnant”:

CNN reported that this video has received more than 500,000 views since launching last month, and not surprisingly, ticked off the International Bottled Water Association. But so far Americans are still hitting the bottle – we buy more than 500 million bottles of the clear stuff every week.