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Watch Stephen Colbert Mock Taco Bell’s ‘Fourth Meal’ And Calorie-Restricted Candy

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Between Taco Bell‘s “Fourth Meal” and Mars' new calorie-restricted candy bars, America seems pretty confused about how to eat. But leave it to Stephen Colbert to make our depressing problems with food funny: On the “Thought For Food” segment of the Colbert Report last night, he grilled all kinds of food marketing ploys—from “responsible snacking” to made up fast food meals.

Colbert makes fun of Mars for promising to stop selling candy bars over 250 calories, mocking the idea that we could hope for “healthy” candy. But he's also on top of other food marketing ploys—like “Fourth Meal” and “Second Breakfast”—for catering to made up “trends” in American eating habits.

Whatever you really think of these marketing campaigns, you have to admit: It's nice to laugh about it for a change. Check out his video: