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Washington Poo-Poos “What’s Up Your Butt” Billboards

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Washington Poo Poos  What s Up Your Butt  Billboards article 1392386 0C5576D800000578 865 468x313edit jpg“What’s Up Your Butt?” asked a Washington state-area billboard, and it wasn’t a rhetorical question (or an advert for a fetish dating site). The cheeky poster was part of a colon cancer awareness campaign, encouraging residents to get tested for the third most deadly form of cancer in the United States. Humor lends itself well to such campaigns, as the thought of having your tuckus examined can bring on the giggles (and SO.MANY.PUNCHLINES!), but apparently the people of Washington weren’t laughing. After several complaints, the health board reversed its approval of the campaign.

Everyone’s a comedy critic, so despite some people’s stance that the slogan is in poor taste, I think whatever encourages people to make their health a priority is a good thing. And hey, it could have been worse. I’ll let your imagination run wild with the possibilities (you sickos!).

Do you think this poster went too far? Do you have a better slogan? Bring on the colon comedy! Sound off in the comments section below.

(Photo: Associated Press)