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Warren Buffet To Host ‘Invest In Yourself’ 5K Run At Shareholders Meeting (And We Want The Shoes)

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Warren Buffet is hosting an “Invest In Yourself” 5k at the end of Berkshire Hathaway‘s shareholders meeting in May, inviting the 40,000-plus attendees to run just over three miles at the close of a weekend otherwise known for indulgent meals and Buffet's preferred snacks of soda and candy. I wish I could say that the company is adding the healthy running event to their weekend because they've decided that corporate America really needs to prioritize health, but it also seems like it's a good way to plug Brooks Running, which is a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary, and will be hosting the race and handing out special edition shoes to participants.

Buffet is known to encourage investors to indulge in everything from Dairy Queen to super-sized helpings at steak-houses during shareholders meeting weekends, but he says the event will be a welcome addition to the fun:

It’s going to be a great weekend for Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, and a 5k will be the perfect complement to the See’s Candies, Dilly Bar and Cherry Coke everyone will enjoy while here. I’m challenging all of our managers to participate, and I’m anxious to see who the fastest person in our Berkshire Hathaway family is.

It's not perfect, but it's progress. And Brooks explains that it's a way for everyone there to “experience Brooks’ Run Happy spirit first-hand.” The company says they'll be selling special edition running shoes from their booth at the meeting, emblazoned with a caricature of Warren Buffet crossing the finish line (if anyone at Brooks is reading this: I want a pair!).

We can't wait to see photos from the event.

Photo: Brooks Running