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Want a Healthier Husband? Nagging Helps.

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Several studies indicate that marriage is a health-booster for men, but did you know that rounds of nagging are also associated with better health for men? Scrap the food; it seems nagging is the way to a man's heart. Or, at least to his healthy heart, says new research. A little nagging goes a long way—all the way to the doctor's office, in fact. Men who are (gently) reminded (ahem) have a tendency to actually book doctor's appointments and get to the hospital faster, the research has found.

It discovered that married men having heart attacks arrive at the hospital half-an-hour earlier than non-married guys, owing, of course, to the women in their lives. (On the flip side, there's no difference between single and married women when it comes to their doctor's visits.)

Keep this in mind the time your partner accuses you of nagging: Promptly point out this article and remind him: It's all for the good of his health.

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