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Want A Deep Sleep? Forget A Tempur-Pedic Mattress, Buy A Hammock, Study Says

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If the idea of gently swinging on a hammock induces an immediate state of relaxation, then continue reading. Research conducted at the University of Geneva that was published in the journal Current Biology used an “experimental hammock” to observe the sleep patterns of its 12 volunteers. Apparently they observed a faster transition to sleep in each and every subject when the hammock was “rocking.” According to Dr. Michel Muhlethaler, who co-led the research: “…swaying from side to side specifically increased the duration of deep non-dreaming sleep, where eyes are still which normally accounts for about half of a good night’s sleep.”

Some are skeptical of the study — the number of test subjects was small, and all were healthy men who had no record of problems with sleep. But even if you're not ready to swap your mattress for a hammock, you'd still be smart to look into a home hammock. Daytime swinging also has its benefits, according to Blissology‘s Eoin Finn, who recently gave an entire TED talk about “Hammock Enlightenment.”

According to the yogi, surfer, and Blissologist, spending some time in a hammock could change your life (and the world) just by giving us the time to relax:

I don’t know about you but the $49.99 Aruba Hammock in Blue from Target is looking like a deal of the century!