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Vodka Tampons And Eyeball Shots: 5 Dumb/Dangerous Trends In Substance Abuse

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Every year (usually between Halloween and the holidays), newspapers and websites like to trod out scary stories about really unsafe and stupid things that college students will do to get a buzz on. From snorting household spices to self-prescribing alcohol-soaked suppositories, tales of the supposed popularity of these  kinds of extreme substance abuse methods almost always hit the internet around Thanksgiving–just in time for kids to come home and parents to be concerned.

But it's not just scare tactics for overly-concerned parents. These fads or trends wouldn't be making headlines if kids didn't continue to put themselves (and their dignity, because really, these are embarrassing) at risk by trying them. They're dangerous, they're dumb, and they truly demonstrate a lack of good judgement. Here are some of the most popular (and most popular to report on) freaky behaviors in the last few years. Will you be talking about them around your Thanksgiving table?

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