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Visigen Biotechnologies announce $1,000 genome

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First there was Knome at $350,000 per genome sequenced, then HeliScope announced the $70K genome and now Visigen Biotechnologies have announced they have the capability of delivering the holy grail … the $1,000 genome … and by 2010.

Have a look at how they propose to achieve this.


Visigen Biotechnologies quote: “The technology platform detects the interaction between a fluorescently-tagged polymerase and a fluorescently modified nucleotide. Polymerase is modified with a fluorescent donor molecule and immobilized on a glass slide.  Each nucleotide is color coded with an acceptor fluorescent moiety.

During the extension reaction, when a nucleotide is incorporated into the growing polymer, energy transfers from the polymerase to the nucleotide (FRET), stimulating emission of a base-specific incorporation signature that is directly detected in essentially real time.

Due to the nature of the nucleotide modification on the gamma-phosphate, unlike that of most of its competitors, VisiGen's approach does not produce an altered DNA polymer that may negatively impact polymerase activity.

Creating massively parallel arrays (microarrays) of these nanomachines will allow us to achieve a sequencing rate of 1Mb/sec/machine.”

 Pretty cool!

Elaine Warburton   www.geneticsandhealth.com