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Vintage Pictures Of Football Hunks To Get You Excited For Super Bowl XLVIII

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vintage footballAre you getting stoked for the Super Bowl? I am and I don't even really give a damn about sports. I just like spectacle, tradition and Americana. Oh, and beer and hot dudes running around in leggings. Those things are also great.

What is it about old photographs that makes everyone look so sexy? Jocks not might not be my “type”, but these pictures of football players from the days of old still make me swoon:

Boots and sweaters!shutterstock_93709216

The leather helmets are hot. You can look clean cut and still play dirty.shutterstock_91653647I ship them.
This is quite an awkward pose for such a babe, but I'd still cram a kissy mark stained copy of it under my mattress if he was my 20th century boyfriend. shutterstock_121083574They're handsome and they're ready to charge. Out of all these dudes, whose class ring would you like to wear on a chain?shutterstock_91653632
The one on the left is my steady date. He gave me his letterman sweater. Jealous?shutterstock_93941971
I took this picture once I regained consciousness after I time traveled and fainted from how cute they are.shutterstock_93709291
I want to kiss his face and also steal his boots because they'd look cute on me. shutterstock_91653629This was the face of the quintessential All American Boy before he mutated into a fedora wearing brony.shutterstock_121084582
Ra-Ra-Siss-Boom-Ba. Go team.shutterstock_91653410

All these pictures make me want to put on a fur coat and  toss the old pigskin around with my boo.shutterstock_92498533

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