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Video: Yoga Instructor Teaches With Broken Legs

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In today's motivational anecdotes: Amy Keller-Bill, a yoga teacher in Utah, is teaching despite having two broken legs. She was hit by a truck over Thanksgiving weekend, breaking the tibia and fibula in both of her legs. She took some time away from the studio, but says the hardest thing about her injury was having to sit around and do nothing, so she returned to her post at the front of the class. She manages to demonstrate moves despite having rods on both sides and a plate on the left, saying that, “You think of little things that keep you from coming and working out, and they seem like minor things compared to two broken legs.”

So the next time you're telling yourself that it's O.K. to skip the gym because you're sick/hung over/tired/busy, you can watch the video of Amy below, feel massively guilty, and then get your ass to yoga.

via KSL News