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Video: Taco Bell Promises It Uses Real Beef; Offers Customers 88 Cent Tacos

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Some of us were glad to hear that Taco Bell might not be serving real meat, but in general, most patrons of the Tex-Mex chain were freaked out by the Alabama lawsuit that claimed their “meat filling” was only 36% beef. In a mad effort to reclaim their name in ground beef, Taco Bell has released a new YouTube video to refute the accusations and placate customers with a gimmicky deal: Their meat is 88% beef, and for any takers, they're selling their Crunchwrap Supreme (normally $2.39) for just 88 cents.

Check out their “We Stand Behind Our Seasoned Beef!” advertisement, below:

Would you be willing to put your 88 cents on Taco Bell's iffy meat? Sound off in our comments section:

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