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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: If This Is Sexy, Count Us Out

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I admit to not having paid too careful attention to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in years past, but my impression is that it's usually just pretty girls in push-up bras and angel wings. So what in tarnation is going on with this year's show? We've got Native American headdresses. We've got women dressed like show poodles (literally). We've got a whole lot of weirdness going on, folks. This is supposed to be glamourous and sexy?

Woman. Carnival game. Same difference.

The show, which taped last night — and booted 300 some Hurricane Sandy relief workers from their sleeping quarters in the process — doesn't air until December. Luckily, the Daily Mail is bringing us ample previews. Here, Karlie Kloss demonstrates the latest in mixed cultural appropriation:

The headdress, the turquoise, the cheetah print — how confusedly ethnic chic! But Victoria's Secret being an equal-opportunity offender and all, there's also what seems to be the show's only Asian model dressed as a Dragon Lady:

Apparently there were six themed segments of the show this year — Circus, Dangerous Liaisons, Pink Is Us, Silver Screen Angels, Angels in Bloom, and Calendar Girls. I'm not really sure where that fits in. Nor this:

“If you want to please your man, try resembling a teething toy designed for toddlers,” quipped Amy Copperman's.

Circus, however, is where things really get weird …

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