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The Secret Behind The Victoria’s Secret Angels’ Butts

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Victoria's Secret Reveals The Royal Fantasy BraThe Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is filming tonight, so good luck avoiding Victoria's Secret coverage on the internet from now until it airs on December 10th at 10/9c on CBS.

HuffPost Style spoke to Candice Swanepoel (the Angel who will wear this year's $10 million Fantasy Bra) about what smoke and mirrors are behind the flawlessness of Victoria's Secret models. The secrets aren't that surprising; in addition to preternaturally gorgeous, having access to fancy diet and exercise regiments, and good lighting, the VS Angels are also covered in body makeup:

“It varies from year to year, whether they want us to have body makeup or not. I think last year, they didn't want us to have too much, because [the look] was more natural, but they used to have a whole set-up backstage of bronzers, getting it all in your ass and in the right spots,”

I wonder how much body makeup is considered a “natural” look in the world of the fantasy world of $10million brassieres. Probably quite a bit. A few years ago, Swanepoel's Angel colleague, Selita Ebanks revealed a little Victoria's Secret secret:

“It's all about creating the illusion of this amazing body on the runway. People don't realize that there are about 20 layers of makeup on my butt alone.”

I do appreciate any glimpse at the women behind the outrageously sexy curtains. It's almost relieving to know that even the models aren't really as “perfect” as they appear to be, though it's unbelievably shitty that even the VS Angels' bodies are Not Good Enough.

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