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Super Bowl Snacks For Vegetarian Football Fans

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football meatMy fellow Americans, the Super Bowl is upon us (February 2, I want to say?) and it's time to start planning your parties. I guess because the whole event is a big deal if you're into that whole sports thing. I'm not an expert on sports, but here's everything I know about the Super Bowl:

  • It's a football match
  • The game determines who was the best at doing football that season
  • Tickets are very expensive
  • Winners say they plan to take a Disney vacation after the game
  • Some people watch for “the commercials” like weirdos
  • There's always a lot of crying
  • People gorge themselves on hot wings and other like snacks

Despite my not so extensive knowledge and entirely non-existent understanding of football, I've enjoyed my fair share of super bowl parties. I like beer and snacks–sue me. If you're planning on going to/hosting a Super Bowl party because you like to hang out, but you don't eat meat: have no fear. Though the traditional football watching snacks seem to contain meat, there are other options. There are so many vegan and vegetarian munchies perfect for cramming into your American maw. Whatever you do, don't serve this; it's an abomination.

Here are a few ideas for meat free super bowl snack options:

Buffalo Cauliflower– Fry cauliflower  and smother it in buffalo sauce. This snack is so delicious, it tastes just like hot buffalo wings, but without the wing-meat or bones.

Jalapeño Poppers– Use vegetarian bacon instead of real bacon and even meat eaters will ravenously devour them.

Nachos– Other than sandwiches, nachos are the easiest food type to customize. You can make nachos however you want, just don't add meat.

Vegetarian Chili– Make hardy bowls of vegetarian chili, people can dip their nachos in it or just eat it plain for a wholesome but hearty, stick-to-your-ribs TV watching treat. The beans will excite meat eating protein heads and vegetarians alike.

Guacamole– This obvious crowd pleaser will also go great with your nachos.

Pizza– Duh.

Broccoli Cheddar Potato Skins– Sneak in a vegetable.

Deviled Eggs– This old fashioned party snack is as classic as coca cola and field sports.

P.S. There's no room for hummus on the coffee table during The Super Bowl . Hummus is for any other event.

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