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Meatless Monday: 10 Summer String Bean Recipes

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green bean feta mint salad

Pretty soon, string beans are gonna be everywhere. Though string beans—aka green beans—are available year-round in the United States, May though September mark peak their peak season—so for this week's Meatless Monday, we've rounded up 10 vegetarian and vegan green bean recipes designed to make you look at these stringy summer favorites in a different way.

Should these inspire you to seek out some fresh green beans imminently, I'll outsource the ‘what to look for' to Martha:

“It's best to buy green beans that are sold loose rather than in packages so you can pick the freshest ones. They should be crisp and bright green, without blemishes or signs of wilting. For even cooking, choose beans that are of similar size. Although they taste best if used right away, green beans can be refrigerated in a sealed plastic bag for up to five days.”

On the nutrition front, green beans get five stars. One cup of cooked green beans has just 30 to 45 calories and provides 25% of your recommended daily dose of Vitamin K; 20% of vitamins C and A; 10% of calcium; and a hefty dose of potassium, folate, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, beta-carotene, dietary fiber and protein, as well. Eat up + feel good!