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20 Vegans Who Are So Committed To Their Diets That They Got Tattoos

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vegan tattoosTattoos are a pretty big commitment– some are good and some are bad and all are permanent (unless you choose to undergo tattoo removal). Searching through the social media presence of the vegan community, it seems as though getting tattoos inspired by ones own veganism is a pretty trendy thing to do. It's awesome that these vegans are passionate enough about their dietary choices to get them inked on forever. Let's hope nothing happens to make them start eating animal byproducts again!

Here are 20 vegan themed tattoos:
1) Pretty cute!

2) Notice the happy smiling cow head above “vegan” on the left leg.1501533_477660392372942_613966113_o3) If you can't tell, that's a fist and a paw bursting out of a star together to fight the powers that be. 1622633_464070777052040_768581892_n

4) “Vegan means hope” is a slogan I had never heard before.

via @Katrinatattooartist on Instagram

5) This is very clever–it looks like the little cartoon feline is tearing the human's flesh by hanging on. 1794740_511337308979389_1824927163_n6) One common theme among vegan tattoos is violence and blood. It's interesting imagery from people that often fancy themselves to be gentler than non-vegans. 1900098_559463124151549_130919664_n7) The word itself is also a popular #vegantattoo1921069_10201338835823860_20521628_o8) We'll see a number of tattoos like this one on the list. The masked person in the tattoo is liberating that  bunny rabbit. 1978746_668090619906129_1707722537_n9) This tattoo is packed with vegan-y tattoo tropes. Here there is another animal rights activist is liberating a little pig as well as the slogan “until every cage is empty,” and the number 269 which represents a slaughtered calf. 1796455_618871781539890_1235662356_n10) Straight forward. 1922010_10152340067834574_1323449604_n11) “Don't eat my friends.” 1972445_593987234022936_928041383_n
12) This is just adorable. 76868_10152237501344574_795177053_n13) Representing the vegans and the straightedge on her manicured digits.

via @xevageniex on Instagram

via @xevageniex on Instagram

14) Wouldn't the feathers on the dream catcher depicted in the tattoo render it not really representative of vegan beliefs? I don't know. 1268725_10151670098628882_757667824_o

15) Vegan pride! 

16) Vegan 'til death! 1781970_595426227216039_353603712_n 17) Two vegan love birds with matching Vs made of greens.1891090_601864646572197_7256353_n 18) Another animal rights activist tattoo. This one is liberating a lamb. 12126_599427590149236_1655023821_n 19) Are those the notes to a vegan song?1509326_612954252129903_61805241_n 20) Many animals don't scream when being slaughtered, but point taken. 1888558_595964293831613_1381358250_n

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