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Vegan, Whole-Grain, And Healthy: 10 National Pancake Week Recipes

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Thanks to a holiday weekend spent in a country cabin, my Healthy Baking column is on a short hiatus, but I can make it up to you, I swear! It’s National Pancake Week, which means it’s time to batter up and get to the kitchen. (Unless you live in New York, which means you should grab your coat and run to Clinton Street Baking Company, where they make it into a month-long pancake fiesta). It’s easy enough to buy a mix and pour your pancakes, but we like the real thing, made from scratch, preferably with some combination of whole grains, natural sweeteners, healthy fruits, and sometimes even vegetables.

To get into the spirit of Pancake Week, we’ve gathered ten healthy pancake recipes of all stripes — vegan, low-fat, whole-grain, and just plain tasty: