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9 Vegan Christmas Cookie Recipes You Can Make At Home

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This roundup is finely curated, we weren't about to put just any vegan recipe on here. It's not just cookies either, but other various seasonal sweets.

You don't have to murder a reindeer to treat yourself this holiday:

1) Pumpkin Gingerbread Snackbars via OhSheGlows– It's a snack bar, so you can pretend the extras are suitable for breakfast. As if there will be any extras. Hubba hubba pumpkin-gingerbread. gingerbreadpumpkinbars-40252)Cocoa Mock Mince Pie via Veg Kitchen If you like classics and bucking tradition at once, this recipe is for you. 

3) Peppermint Ice Cream via All Recipes Vegan Vegan ice cream is up there with penicillin in terms of groundbreaking human achievements. 

4)Toasted Pumpkin Seed Lace Cookies via  Yum Universe Lace cookies are the daintiest and most delicate cookies. They barely count as food because of all that air. 

5) Raw Christmas Cookies via Natural Insider I'd like to share these with the Grinch; he's my Christmas spirit. 

6)Sugar Cookies via Oh Lady Cakes Cute, classic, cruelty free. 

7) Chocolate Cake Donuts via Bubble Girl Bakes You don't have to crumble candy cane shards on top, but you can if you want to. I wouldn't, but I'm a dipper. Ever since I  saw Lady and the Tramp, I've thought dipping donuts in coffee was just the most deliciously adult thing to do. 

8)Christmas Pudding Bites via The Wallflower Girl When I looked at this recipe and the cute pictures, I just sang out “pudding bites” over and over again while snapping. The season has driven me to insanity.  

9) Vegan Eggnog via Girls Life Because regular eggnog is wicked nasty. Too thick.