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Health Hack: 5 Takes On Vegan Cheese

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Yesterday I posted about Veggie Slices, a brand of soy cheese that's lactose-free but not milk-free. I'd purchased it assuming (wronly) that it was vegan –a good reminder to read labels. But it got us talking about vegan cheese and the different varieties of it — soy-based, nut-based, tofu-based, some alchemy of flaxseed and nutritional yeast … There are a lot of ways you can make vegan cheese or to give dishes a “cheesy” flavor without using dairy. For today's #HealthHack, may I present you with five takes on vegan cheese.


1. Baked Almond “Feta”
This baked almond-cheese recipe (pictured above) from holistic health coach and Triumph Wellness Emily Segal will leave you never longing for Pillsbury rolls over brie again.

2. Vegan Cheese Ball (*** Vegan Super Bowl party recipe alert)


“Before going vegan, I used to love cheese balls,” writes Dallas Vegan. Who doesn't? For cheeseball goodness without the Velveeta or Philadelphia, check out DV's vegan cheese ball recipe, which relies on Daiya vegan cheese wedges and vegan cream cheese for the base.

3. Basic, Vegan Cashew Cheese
Here's a great, basic cashew cheese recipe from Real Food Daily founder Ann Gentry. It can be used to make grated, sliced or melted vegan cheese.

4. Macadamia-nut-based Rosemary Cheese
Check out Rawmazing for this recipe, which uses macadamia nuts, probiotic powder, nutritional yeast and fresh herbs to make a creamy, savory/sweet spread with the probiotic boost you'd get from real, raw cheese. It can be made with honey (not vegan) or agave nectar.

rosemary fig vegan cheese via Rawmazing

5. Vegan Queso Dip
Another traditional party snack veganized! You can make spicy vegan queso dip with nutritional yeast, paprika, salsa, flour and this recipe from Veg Web.

queso vegan dip via Veg Web