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Valentino: Fashion Shouldn’t ‘Ridicule’ Women

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In an interview with Marie Claire UK, Italian designer Valentino Garavani complains about the way fashion “ridicules” women and designers forget how women are actually shaped. Hear hear!

“There is a time to show the legs and to show the cleavage, but it's about the cut,” says Valentino in Marie Claire UK's December 2012 issue.  “What happens too much in fashion today is that designers design for themselves.”

That's one of the tyrannies of the fashion industry — season in and season out, you've got women and men dressing in clothes that are ill-suited  to their bodies or practical needs or whatever just because it's the trendy look or cut that year. With clothes so cheap, and fashion media so encouraging, people — and women especially — are really pushed to prize being of-the-moment over quality or personal style or knowing what  flatters your shape. It makes Valentino's old school sensibility pretty refreshing.

“Clothes should not ridicule a woman, should not make them a fashion victim,” he says.