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Valentine’s Day With Kaffe Magnum Opus

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One of my favorite places to get flavored coffee, especially for the various holidays, is Kaffe Magnum Opus. They always seem to have an amazing array of unique flavors… for those of us who like flavored coffees.

Valentine s Day with Kaffe Magnum Opus cappuccino jpg

I decided to head  over there to see what was available. Check out these flavors!

  • Almond in the Mood For Love – almonds, chestnuts
  • Apple of My Eye – apples and cinnamon and spice. I am totally not sure about apple flavored coffee though…
  • Caramel Smooches – Caramel and vanilla with a bit of brown sugar
  • Chocolate Cherry Kiss – Yep, chocolate and cherry
  • Dark Chocolate Ecstasy – all chocolate… all the time
  • Nuttin but Kisses – nuts and vanilla…

Flavored coffees make it really easy to make a flavored latte for your Valentine. Just heat up cream to a simmer and fill a cup about 1/4 full. Add sugar and stir, then pour in your coffee. Add some whipped cream to the top and you are good to go.

Really, when you think of it, it is the small things about Valentine’s Day that are the most special. A bouquet of flowers, some homemade treats and a really great cup of coffee can go a long way toward saying… I love you. If you have someone special in your life, spoil them. If you don’t want to maybe someone else does… 🙂

image: SXC