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6 Natural Valentine’s Day Gifts For Whomever Lights Up Your Life

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I know not everybody loves Valentine's Day, but personally, it's one of my favorite days of the year. Sure, it's cheesy and silly and totally manufactured by the gift companies — actually, just by all companies nowadays — but I think it's fun to have an excuse to get manicures with hearts on them and wear burnt pink eyeshadow and go out to dinner with loved ones. Plus, afterward, there's like a million boxes of chocolates for sale, at least one of which has my name on it to ration out for the next month (if I can possibly exhibit that much self control).

Of course, Valentine's Day presents are not remotely a necessity, but I absolutely love them. For the last few years, for example, I've been getting my two best friends a pair of V'day-themed socks each, and it's a cute little tradition we have to all put them on together and go out for cocktails. All throughout college, my mother made me gift packages and sent them to me in February filled with cute craft ideas, little candies and, of course, my own lovey-dovey-themed socks. When it comes to February 14th, I know some other folks love to give sweet gifts, too, so take a peek at these natural and/or organic ideas!