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Valentine Box Ideas for Kids

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Every year we make a Valentine’s Day box for my son’s Valentine’s Day school party. Last year we took the simple route and used a white card box, and some football scrapbooking stickers. We had fun putting the football stickers all over the white box.

I thought it would make a great keepsake box until another child put his foot through the top of it. So much for that idea.

It was a simple, and fun box to make, and it looked really cool until it got stepped on.


This year he decided he wanted a camouflage army Valentine’s day box. I tried to explain to him camouflage and army are not exactly Valentine’s Day material, but he was set.


We used an old boot box, and some foil cake wrap I was saving to recycle. The scrapbook stickers worked so well last year, we decided to use them again this year.


Football and army box images © L Gerlach

These aren’t the most complicated boxes to make, and I’m sure they would not be a favorite for most little girls. So I found some other Valentine’s Day boxes to share withe you. Here are a couple more really cute boxes I found at Flickr.

One of my favorites is this Thomas the Tank Engine Valentine’s Day box. It’s too cute!

Thomas The Tank Valentine Box CJ Sorg Flickr

Thomas Tank Box image via Flickr Creative Commons user cjsorg

Here’s a really cute box, that’s even got the theme right. Lots of hearts in all the right places.

Valentine's Day Box Hearts Flickr user ninjapoodles

Image via Flickr Creative Commons user Ninjapoodle

If you’re looking for ideas to help your child make a Valentine’s Day card box for their school Valentine’s Day party, here are a few links to help you find inspiration.

Here’s a Conversation Heart Mailbox from Kaboose.

A Valentine’s Day Locker Box for those High School Musical fans out there

Woven Heart Basket from Family Fun

Stop back and let us know how the Valentine’s Day boxes your children made for their classroom Valentine’s Day party turn out.