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The Vagina Problem No One Wants To Talk About

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vaginal drynessFrom urinary tract infections to ingrown hairs to mysterious itching, pussy problems are hard to take. They're even harder to talk about.

A U.K. study of 2,000 adults by Vagisan (a company that makes vaginal moisturizer)  showed that one in five UK women are suffering from vaginal dryness. Despite Vagisan's stake in making the problem seem significant, the survey findings expose this as a very real and very distressing problem ailing many women.

Among that sample of women surveyed, a loft 90 percent of those afflicted with dryness have not sought medical attention for their condition. They aren't just silent with their doctors, but with their lovers and friends alike; a third of the participants admitted they don't talk to their partner about it and 90 percent do not discuss it with friends. While those are unfortunate numbers, it's understandable why women would prefer to silently suffer. When that part of the body feels like it isn't functioning, it makes you feel like it's your fault and that you're defective.According to the survey, a quarter of those with vaginal troubles feel it makes them “less feminine” and half say it makes them feel “old.”

Sex and relationship psychologist, Susan Quilliam spoke to Female First about the emotional effect of the condition:

“No matter how self-confident a woman appears on the outside, vaginal dryness can leave a big dent in her self-esteem. Sex may become less enjoyable, and this in turn may impact on her capacity for intimacy.


If she's single, she may hesitate to start a relationship, and if she's with someone, she may become anxious about getting physical, sparking feelings of rejection from her partner. Vaginal dryness may seem like a single small issue, but its effects can ripple out through a woman's entire life – effecting relationships, self-confidence and self-worth.”

Of all of our body parts, vaginas are the most sensitively tied to our emotions. They signify our sex, sexuality, ability to give and receive pleasure, produce life…women with vaginas can tell you. When something goes wrong with the ol' V, it can feel catastrophic, profoundly distressing and unfortunately humiliating.

The survey asked women what pleasures they would sacrifice in order to stop suffering from vaginal dryness, they said:

  • Chocolate
  • Alcohol
  • Coffee

It's more than understandable that women would give up small treats in order to have their body feel the way they want it to feel. No delicious sweet, boozy cocktail or daily jolt could ever compare to feeling at peace with your vagina.

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