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12 Things Women Have Been Caught Smuggling In Their Vaginas

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12 Things Women Have Been Caught Smuggling In Their Vaginas smuggling 640x424 jpgAs far as body parts go, vaginas are like swiss army knives. They just have so many uses. You can make babies in there, have sex using it, and apparently it makes a great storage vessel for drugs and what have you.

Using the female sex cavity as a drug-suitcase is unsurprisingly common. The authorities that serve to detect drug smugglers and mules even have a name to refer to people who shove the goodies up their butts and vaginas. They’re called “stuffers” as opposed to “swallowers” who get the items inside their bodies using the mouth hole.

According to the New York Daily News, a woman was just busted trying to smuggle 2 lbs of cocaine into Spain, using her vagina to stash the goods. You can read more about that specific instance here.

I took to the internet to learn about other cases of “stuffers” getting caught with contraband up their cunts.

Here is by no means an exhaustive list of 12 things found stowed away inside vaginas:

1) Cocaine

2) Cash

3) A Gun

4) Heroin

5) Marijuana 

6) Xanax

7-12) More prescription drugs like: Adderall, Oxycontin, Valium, Trazadone, Ambien and Lyrica

It’s no surprise drugs are the most common good found illegally cached in coochies, but it’s a touch disappointing to the sicko part of me that we aren’t being more creative. I don’t want to give anybody ideas, but it seems as though neither art-thieves nor jewel-thieves have taken to using their vaginas as stash spots. If I’m ever caught by the police trying to move illegal goods, I hope a bunch of diamonds pour out of my pussy during the cavity search.

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