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Uses for Leftover Tiles

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I always seem to have just a few tiles left over from whatever project I was working on. I can just return them to the store if I didn’t buy them by the case or if I didn’t shop at an auction, but if I’ve got a few tiles left over from a case of tiles, I’m often stuck with them. Over the years, I’ve discovered a few projects I can do that uses up some of those leftover tiles. Here are a few of my favorite uses for leftover tiles:tile mosaic

  • Work surfaces for craft projects – I use a small tile as a base for my glue gun holder and use a few bigger tiles as easy wipe off craft project boards. They are pretty easy to pick up and move around.
  • Tile topper for a piece of furniture with a ruined top – Perfect for a desk that lost the veneer on top. Screw on a piece of tile board and add a tile top for a great potting bench, kitchen island, or craft room desk.
  • Mosaic supplies – A great way to use damaged tiles. While I personally have only done a few basic projects and have discovered that mosaic may not be for me, other people do amazing things with broken tiles. I am particularly fond of a mosaic car in Florida. I would imagine you’d go through a lot of gas driving it around, but it looks like it is meant to be a stationary work of art.
  • Art “canvas” for a small project – I have a few really nice tiles other artists have done. They can be a focal point for a backsplash, a way to cover up a problem spot on the wall like the old woodstove hole, or just wall art.
  • Drink coasters – Put some chair felt pads on the bottom of some pretty leftover bath and kitchen backsplash tiles and you have some great drink coasters.

How do you use leftover tiles?

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