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Use the Sun To Cook Your Meals

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Now, there are ovens which you can use to cook your food without having to use LPG or electricity. These ovens are called solar cookers.

Paul Munsen creates solar ovens and he explains, “Solar cookers are well-insulated boxes that can bake, boil and steam foods through the power of the sun.” Now, come to think of it, that’s a nifty way to save on gas and electricity expenses.

So what are these solar cookers? You would find that the solar cooker created by Munsen is plainly a box. However, this box traps the heat of the sun just like how an ordinary oven would trap heat produced by the whole contraption. Of course, we do know that the difference between the solar cooker and our conventional ovens is the source of the heat. For our solar cooker, it would be the sun of course.

Now I think I would like to own one of these.

[Via chicagotribune.com]
[Image from KeweenawNOW]