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Urban Impairment: Living In A City Gives You Brain Damage

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We already know that city living stresses us out. But it could also be physically affecting the way our brains work. According to the World Health Organization, since city dwellers are constantly under siege from blinking signs, traffic noise, and other annoying stimuli, they learn to practice “controlled perception.”

This might be great during rush hour on the city bus, it makes it harder for you to remember things. And while you might be better off forgetting some things (a bum retching into a subway grate), we’d guess most people want their memories to be fully functioning — us included.

The solution is green space. According to recent studies, even just glancing at a park for a few minutes can help repair the damage your urban environment is causing. That means that we might be better off taking the long way through the park to work every day.

With the stress, pollution, disgusting smells, and now brain damage, sometimes the disadvantages of living in a city outweigh the positive aspects. Have you ever moved from an urban area to a more relaxed locale? How did it affect your health and sense of well-being?

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