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UNREAL Candy Is Natural, ‘Doctor-Approved’ And Surprisingly Not A Sham

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UNREAL is a new brand of natural candy that, according to its new buzz-worthy marketing video, is actually “doctor-approved.” What's more, it's actually approved by Dr. Mark Hyman, a doctor who's devoted to fighting diabetes and obesity (and who we happen to respect and like a lot). According to the brand's new video (which is practically going viral on Facebook right now, thanks in part to celebrity endorsements and the genius videography of Casey Neistat, who's pretty much making all of our favorite videos these days), their products are a lot like the candies we all love, but made with natural, sustainably-sourced ingredients. Or, as they would put it, “unjunked.”

We'll be the first to admit that “natural” and “doctor-approved” candy sounds like a lot of marketing B.S. But the company seems surprisingly legit.

First, they're not really claiming that their products are “healthy.” They're claiming that they've made junk food, without all the junk. So what does that leave you with? Less-processed sugars, more whole ingredients from sustainable sources (like cacao beans and palm kernel oil), and coloring that comes from natural sources instead of a lab. The nutritional benefits of their candy (they typically have less sugar and more fiber than the popular name-brand versions of their treats) are just a perk of using better ingredients.

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UNREAL candies have expiration dates that seem...actually reasonable for something that's made of real food.

And Dr. Hyman likes it because if kids are going to eat candy, well…at least they're eating something better. He explains that “candy today isn't really what it used to be,” because of trans fats, artificial colors, and processed ingredients. But making food without all that stuff that tastes good and costs the same or less isn't a mission impossible, and he says UNREAL is proof: “If they can do it with candy, we can do it with everything.”

Sure, it would be better to snack on a kale salad and piece of fruit, but if you or your kid are obsessed with M&Ms, peanut butter cups, and Snickers bars, then why not have an option that satisfies the craving without all the crap?

And unlike a lot of companies that claim to be making “organic” or “natural” versions of our favorite treats, UNREAL is actually doing some really awesome things. Their transparency in sourcing the ingredients is way above the standard for any company selling processed foods (although it shouldn't be, but that's another blog post for another day). The ingredients lists aren't a mile long. And the best part: Their candy actually tastes really, really good. Like real food.

Check out their video and tell us what you think:

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