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10 Unique Pairs Of Yoga Pants You Can Buy On Etsy Right Now

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forgetting sarah marshall yoga sceneBuying yoga pants from Etsy is usually cheaper than shopping at boring Lululemon and will set you apart from a room full of downward facing dogs that all look the same. You deserve yoga pants that are as cool and different as you are!

Check out these 10 awesome pairs of yoga pants you can buy right now:

1) Elephant Print Thai Yoga Pants 

Elephant print pants! Expect a million compliments from the others at your yoga studio. These pants are adorable, inexpensive and buying them would be supporting fair trade handmade Thai products. $12.99 via Lannaclothesdesign

2) Blue Galaxy Yoga Capris 

Your butt will look out of this world! You'll be a star with stars on your butt! Okay, enough with the cheesy jokes. These yoga pants are genuinely super cool. They'll look great wit ha black or white tank.  $42 via SXYfitness

3) Hand Dyed Ombre Yoga Leggings

Take the ombre trend to your fitness gear! I'm obsessed with these pants and definitely ordering a pair for myself ASAP. How cool is it that they're long enough to tuck under your feet? You can get them in a variety of colors too (I'll be getting black to grey ombre)! $55 via OmBeautiful

4) Heart Butt Capri

These are simple and classic leggings with a twist! The heart shaped seams on the rear really make these leggings stand out with subtlety. $85 via NinaBRoze

5) Leopard Print Cotton Yoga Pants With Black Fold-over Waist 

Only the coolest women can pull these off. Every pose will make you feel like a jungle feline. The thick foldover waist makes these pants even cooler. Wear these with an old band t-shirt to make sure everyone knows you're the biggest badass in class. $56 via LizaJaneHandmade

6) White Star Leggings

Wonder Woman would definitely wear these if she was a yogi. $18 via ModestLuxury 

7) Paint Splatter Yoga Pants

Your booty is a canvas in this Jackson Pollock inspired yoga leggings! $45 via GrahamsBazaar

8) Long Yoga Leggings with Spats

The stirrups really spice up these simple leggings. They look something an acrobat would wear during training. $59 via AryaSense

9) Chicken Butt Yoga Pants

Put a bird on it? Put three birds on it! By “it” I mean your butt. These pants have a built in joke and are cute without being over the top. $36 via OneLaneRoad

10) Clever Me Fox Pants

You'll feel foxy in these and not just because of the cute fox graphic. The cropped sweatpant style complete with a drawstring gives these pants a tough yet comfy quality. $26 via Nicandthenewfie

Images via Etsy